I Wanna Grow Old With Uke

This one’s for the ladies.  It’s really just for one lady.  Actually, I’m not 100% sure she’s a lady.  I just really always wanted to say, “This one’s for the ladies.”

You can all run off and yell at Sister Merry Hellish for requesting this song.  Actually, you should really run over to her place so she can better explain why she requested this song.  I think I must have missed a detail or two somewhere along the way because it still feels kinda weird – kinda like when you get dressed, leave the house, climb on the bus, and only then realize you’re wearing your spouse’s pants.

Not that I’ve ever done that.

Neither has Rocco.


So yeah, enjoy this week’s ukeing like you enjoy a loved one’s dirty pants.

Hopefully I’ll finally get some sleep and maybe (just maybe!) start making sense next week.  No promises.


  1. You are freakishly talented on that ukelele. I’m not sure I would find a song that details all of the unfortunate responisbilites (dealing with a spouse’s drunkeness, dishes, ect) of marriage romantic but to each his own I guess.

    I’m totally motivated to come over and do your dishes now though. Even though I have a sinkload myself. You’re just that compelling.


  2. SisterMaryHellish said we had to comment on both blogs with the movie this song came from and who sang it, and I’m pretty sure it was Robbie Hart singing in the movie The Wedding Singer.

  3. Elly, I *heart* you.(The leopard print is quite fetching on you)

    Congratulations Thom and SMH! Hey, this means we finally have a wedding that we all get to crash!!! Woohoo!!!!!

    1. I’m crashing it, and I’ll have room for anybody who wants to enter in style. You see, I’m going to arrive in a rented monster truck with a hay trailer and a giant set of truck nuts on both. I’d be honored to chauffeur you on your special day, with an extra load of hay for the ride out (if you know what I mean).

          1. So yes to more snake traps and I’ll bring extra fuel for the flamethrower. Don’t waste it all on snakes though. I want to use it for the light show that will accompany your uke concert.

          2. I don’t know how snake traps work but yes, please bring them in a trailer behind the monster truck. But only if you can still have the truck nuts dangle with the trailer hitch in use.

  4. I’m telling you, barefoot on the beach at sunset with you singing this after the vows.
    You aren’t getting me to give up my dream of Pattypunker braiding tiny bones in my hair and wearing a sarong.

    1. i’m assuming it’s one of them there euro beaches and we’ll be topless dufmanno. let’s make it a double wedding. elly’s wearing a wide-brimmed lid in cougar print, of course.

        1. Hey, wait, so I don’t get to bring my sexy new lesbian lover/bellydancer/snakecharmer to the wedding/Dllywood visit? What the what?? Elly, you better keep KYA’s snake traps away from my gal’s snake or I will throw one of Duffy’s bones at him and his nutsack hangin’ monster truck.

          Also, no leopard prints on you at this shindig, you will totally steal my girl. *swoon*

  5. first, why am i always late to the party? and second, can i go to this wedding? i know tricks. not like magic tricks, and not like hooters girl tricks, but somewhere in between. i promise i’ll show you if i’m invited.

    Elly, you are amazeballz as per usual.

      1. The mouse is toast. Hasn’t showed his damn mousey little fuckface in weeks. I think I insulted him. Or maybe he just heard ME playing the uke? In which case, he might be moving in with YOU. Enjoy that! 🙂

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