Grizzly Adams

Seeing as how it’s Pride Month and I’m in Chicago recovering from a 7am event (after a dinner event last night and a 7am breakfast event in Detroit yesterday) I’m just going to share a little snippet of a conversation with my little brother, Thom.  We were out to dinner with Matt and Gwen in the East Village.

Me:  “Matt thinks those guys are bears.”

Matt:  “They look like Grizzly Adams…but gayer.”

Thom:  “Gayer than the man who lived in the woods with two men, a bear, and a donkey?”

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  1. We have a bear bar about 3 blocks from my house. It’s called “Pecs–A Man’s Bar.” Then there’s a bear restaurant about a mile away. There’s nothing on the menu that weighs under three pounds.

    Patty–Bears like progressive rock? I would have never guessed. I just assumed they would be into either the usual techno or country. Or maybe metal.
    .-= beta dad´s last blog ..RTT: Earthquakes, spousal cruelty, bathroom concerto =-.

  2. So… this brings a complete different meaning to “How about them Bears?!” 😉

    One of these days I’m going back to The Pride Parade again. Many years ago I was the subject of a conversation between two gay men, “She is so hot. If I were straight, I’d totally go after her.” “Yup.” Later I found out about Margaret Cho, I didn’t feel so hot after that.
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