Greatest Love (No, Not Whitney)


These just get more and more embarrassing.  But you keep asking for them.  So I keep posting them.  And in 15 years, Paul is going to be less than pleased that his banana-coated mug was plastered on the internet.

Also?  I love Deb.  Because she sends me amazing things like this.

And a little unicorn makes any day better.  Unless it’s grilled unicorn.  That’s just wrong.

Happy Friday!  And Mother’s Day.  Which?  Sounds super bizarre when people say it to me.  So I’m just going to wish it to other people.



  1. Shhh, don’t tell him I told you . . . I’m sure Paul is gearing up to serve you banana pancakes for breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day.

    Glad the unicorn wannabe gave you a giggle!

  2. Mashed banana in the mesh net! I bought hundreds of those when my kid choked violently on her first taste of solid food. Sadly I had to throw them out after each use because I could never wash them properly. I figured the money hemmorage was better than handing them a half clean net with last weeks rancid fruit.
    Oh yeah why no Harry Belafonte Banana Boat song? Daylight come an we wanna go home!!!

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