Get Your Limerick On

It turns out today is Limerick Day.  Who knew?  More over, who cared?  But as I’m a little too angsty over recent housing developments to think about them further, I needed a distraction.  And thus, my homage to Edward Lear and his lovely limericks.  I’m surprised at how non-dirty these came out.  (Yes Thom, that’s a direct challenge to you.  Make your mom proud.)  Happy Limerick Day!

There once was a girl in Hoboken
Who needed a house, I’m not jokin’
Imagine the frights
of ants and termites
Could the inspector have mispoken

Rather than blogging I really should
Focus my efforts on packing good
And all my boxes
Will require oxes
To whisk them away to Maplewood

Drewl’s birthday weekend has left me fried
My brain is melted and tongue is tied
I’ll soon be droolin’
Sadly no foolin’
I’m out of comments sincere and snide

Sadly my poems aren’t very fine
More pleasant might be the flu of swine
Now I sound like Yoda
Have I met my quota
Fuck this I’d rather be drinking wine