Get Your Geek On

Are you aware it’s Embrace Your Geekness Day?  So says Wellcat Holidays.  Not that I ever heard of them before today.  But sometimes a gal needs a topic and I think I can only stretch this vagina thing so far.  (That’s what she said.)

Into dungeon games, comic books and doing vampire dress-up? Spend endless hours going strange places on the internet? You’re a geek, and this is the day to roar!

Mmm vampires.  *shudder*  Yum.

Wait, where was I?

Geeks like Star Wars, right?  I’m going to assume that’s true since my resident geek, Abigail, likes to correct my spelling of Han(s) Solo.  Me?  I like ponies.  So obviously what this blog needs today is some My Little Star Wars Ponies.  Ask and ye shall receive my pretties.

I found this post on Buzzfeed today and I’ve snatched (yes, I said snatch) the extra special ponies to celebrate our mutual geekdom.

My Little Stormtrooper


My Little Leia


My Little Darth


My Little Boba Fett


My Little Yoda


My Little Solo


Just in case that didn’t completely satiate your raging case of Star-Wars-fan-geekdom, you could also check out this lovely sleeping bag.

Last but not least, only in NYC could you witness and Intergalactic incident while riding the Subway.  I think all books should come in a “princess edition.”


  1. I think I may one of the only people in the world that Star Wars and fell asleep during it. Snoozeville to me…… but SOO many other people love it, so who am I to judge.

    1. Just scared the shit out of Mildred busting into all those sound effects. Ba DUG a da dug dug. Ba DUG a da dug dug. BeeOWWW.

      Someday I’ll have to tell you about working with those guys.

  2. Ugh, Star Wars geeks are everywhere. Last weekend I was at the Calgary Stampede Parade and in among all the cowboys, horses, Indians and marching bands taking part in the Parade was — you guessed it — a bunch of people dressed up as Darth Vader, Star Wars Stormtroopers and (I believe?) Darth Maul. WTF?

    1. There was a Darth Maul pony, too – but I wanted to keep it old school. No idea why. I’m a conundrum like that. Does this mean you’re back?

  3. I definitely think every book I read should be a “princess edition”. And I’m loving the star wars ponies. Why do New Yorkers have all the fun?

    And I giggle-snorted appropriately every time you wrote something vaguely innapropriate, because that’s how I roll.


      1. I’m not the one who posed the pony with it’s hindquarters to the camera and looking fetchingly over one shoulder. And Rocco’s not here. Why?

  4. I’ll embrace my geekness and say I really really want that My Little Darth pony. And I’m glad it’s not just me thinking that My Little Leia is giving us ‘come hither’ (or should I say come wither?) eyes.

  5. Wifi here sucks so I can’t do serious Interneting. But yeah I gladly admit to be a geek, or at least a geek lover. Don’t ppl realize that most of the newly, young, wealthy people were (and are) geeks?! I cannot understand why this lingering obsession with jocks who as we know all turn into car salesmen, no?

    1. Okay, The Princess is definitely bringing all the ponies to the yard.

      Also, @subWOW, too funny!! Facebook status last time I logged on of our high school quarterback- Come see me at _________ Chevrolet. I will get you on the road in your dream car. Bwahahahahaha

  6. My little Darth Vader? Freakin’ love love Darth Vader. Shit gotta get my light saber. Be right back in full Star Wars gear. Game on.

  7. Oh stoppit, will ya’? If hubby glimpses this, he’s gonna’ stalk your post (peering over my shouder). I swear I only married him to intervene before he got the to dress-up-and-meet fellow Treckies stage. (Sigh)

  8. Oh, thank you for that, Elly! You know I love me some Vader. Hot! I really don’t find this AT ALL geeky, but Williams-Sonoma sells Star Wars sandwich cutters and pancake molds. No shit. Love them!

  9. Resident geek? Little old me? AWWWWW.
    Also, I seriously covet a full set of those ponies.

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