Get Back Up Again

I have a kid in Kindergarten. Unreal, right?

I’m not going to say the time flew by. I’m not going to say I don’t know where it went. It didn’t. I can account for every single day. I have the gray hairs and the wrinkles and the pounds and the sleep-deprivation glaze to prove it.

And yet. Unreal.

Because in the monotony of those years, I didn’t really believe it would actually end. Now my brain can’t quite reconcile before and after. I think I might have pulled something.

Anyway. Sam is loving having the run of the place and is basically screaming the 3yo version of “MAKE IT RAIN!” while rolling naked through all the toys with no reprimands to “share.” He’s taking the same approach to my lap, too. So there was no way this week’s ukulele video was going to happen without him.

To those in the path of Irma, stay safe. Let us know how we can help.

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