Forty Day Dream

You know what’s really fun to say? Autumnal. As in the autumnal equinox. Which is, contrary to popular opinion, not a gym for ladies that love pumpkin spice lattes.

Confession: I’m thinking about trying one of those this year. Do they actually taste of pumpkin or are they just cloven? Like sheep’s hoves. And a certain presidential candidate.

So, as per usual, sleep has been a bit scarce around here. First, there’s the general lack of opportunities. (Thanks kids!) But also, the state of the world is giving me nightmares. I’m not going to go into that here, though. You’re here for vagina jokes and ukulele torturing, like every red-blooded American should be!

(Note: I do talk plenty about THE POLITICS on my Facebook page, if you really want to join in on that kind of discussion.)

September is almost through, Summer is officially done, and so is my patience with technology. I had a brief stint of trying to make these videos good. The aspiration was professional. Now I’m just going for palatable. But it turns out, If I feel like I really have to make these things polished, I ain’t gonna do ’em. So welcome back to half-assed, sloppy, almost-tuned ukulele videos. This way we BOTH get to have more fun.

And that makes more time for MOTHERFUCKINGBOOZETIME!!

Yes I finally got a haircut. No I didn’t want it this short. No we aren’t talking about it. Have another drink.


  1. I just adore you. And your Ukulele.

    My *ahem* husband is taking his sweet time getting ready, so I’m glad I had a hot minute to watch this. You’re beautiful.

    Also, Moms of grown ass women be crazy. But we can talk about that another time. 😉

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