Fingers Crossed

Today was supposed to be a pretty big day in my state.  The bill allowing gay marriage was scheduled for a vote before the full state senate.   Sadly now that’s been shelved.

There’s been quite a few set backs on that front lately (damnit New York).  I’m crossing my fingers that my recently purplefied state can do me proud and somehow squeeze this bad boy through before that new guy takes over in January.  I mean, even our unelected state wide representative is pro gay marriage.  Let’s DO this already.

Wait, wait, wait…don’t run away screaming because I’m getting all political.  I’m not going to climb on my soap box and rally on about injustice and inequality and ineptitude.  Instead I want to celebrate.

Sometimes a lucky few can overcome the obstacles society continually chucks at them with wild abandon, and they find a way to get the things they most want – a family.  Our friends John and Richard are two of the lucky few.

On Sunday, the married couple welcomed their new baby twins via a surrogate.  I’m so happy I could hug even Rod Stewart in my delirium.  (I’d have to bathe in bleach afterward…and probably undergo some ancient cleansing rituals…but you get the point.)

These are two of the kindest, most open hearted people I’ve ever known.  They will provide their tiny baby girl and bouncing baby boy with a supportive and loving home.  They will instill those kids with strong values and an infinite capacity for compassion and understanding.

They shared their story with

John and Richard wanted to get married so they could have kids and raise a family.   They wanted to be sure their partner and offspring would be protected should the worst happen.  I hope my government makes it possible for other New Jersey residents to do the same.

‘Cause I can’t think of two luckier little babies.


    1. Family is family. Hell, I’m even down with the Soprano-esque definition of family. I have to for my own safety….livin’ in Jersey and all.

  1. You think it’s a conspiracy that the vote is postponed? Exactly because of the arrival of the GOP guy? Congrats to John and Richard. Indeed, the greatest Xmas present one can dream of. And to think, they couldn’t even dreamed of this just a few years ago. Perhaps progress is being made.
    .-= submom´s last blog ..Don’t say I didn’t warn you… =-.

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