Fevered Uke-ings

You can all blame Beta Dad for today’s video.  I managed to tape this earlier in the week, prior to the arrival of my house guests and the second coming of the Great Craplosion.

Speaking of which, I confided to my little brother Thom that I was a little nervous about being trapped on a boat for a three hour sight-seeing tour with my…condition.  He shrugged and asked me, “Do you have a tampon?”  When I responded with only a blank stare he continued, “Tampax aren’t just for the front, you know.”


I have the most supportive family EVER.

Have a good weekend, Interwebz.   Also, this may be a good time to buy stock in Pepto Bismol.


  1. I think it may be time to move on to stronger stuff. tampons are temporary. I think you should consider whatever BP is using to plug the well in the gulf.

    cute song!

  2. Clapclapclapclapclapclapclapclap!!!! YAY!!!! I want to take you on vacation with me as a paid songstress!

    You are the prettiest lady ever with the sweetest voice. I would like to see a Beta Dad/Elly Lou duet, can you guys do that?

  3. noooooo! tampons aren’t for the back. trust my inexperienced 13-yr old self on this one!

    also, the category “uke ryhmes with puke” is too funny.

  4. You just learned this song? I am so impressed. You know what? I want to go to a karaoke, the kind with private rooms, with all you crazy people here. Bring Herbert with you. We can have a duel. I mean duet.

  5. Honstely, is it too much to ask that IT get me some working speakers?! Well then, I’ll just have something awesome to look forward to when I get home, won’t I? 🙂

    That Thom is a always thinking. He’s like a medical MacGyver!

  6. LOVE your talent. Brings smiles to my pathetic heart.

    As for the tampon. It was recently brought to my attention that high school kids are getting drunk at school by soaking tampons in alcohol and inserting them. Even boys.

    1. This is the BEST idea I’ve ever heard Andrea. Tampons soaked in alcohol! I’m going to be busy for the rest of the evening, thank you very much.
      Elly, we need to form some sort of storytelling uke playing side show where we travel around and entertain the masses.

  7. Ok, am I the only one who immediately thought of Gilligan’s Island when they read “on a boat for a three hour sight-seeing tour”???

  8. Stop being so frakking adorable, woman. That was really cute and lovely. It’s making it really hard to say anything at all sarcastic.

    Then I remembered the tampon thing. It made me wonder – if you put it up the back passage area and you had a uh….moment of expulsion, would it all back up and come out your mouth? Or just shoot the tampon across the entire state till it hit something? And why am I thinking these things? And is there something wrong with me? And is there a doctor for that? And how come, after realizing all this, I still want to know?

  9. You are gorgeous and awesome as always.

    Now, about these tampon things. My first thought was, does Thom speak from personal experience??? Then, I thought, OMG we don’t want to know that!!! Then, I read the alcohol soaked tampon comment and I immediately wondered why my vagina felt as if it were on fire, began yelling at He Who Loves All Things Wicked before I realized my vagina is a brilliant vagina, who once read that her tissues are sensitive and need to be loved, not abused with alcohol. I hope those kids are buying the good stuff.

    Now I should go make this up to HWLATW.

  10. when you go on uke-tour, i will be the girl throwing panties on the stage and hiding out back with the tour bus waiting to jump your bones. yes, i am officially your uke-groupie. don’t judge me.

  11. OK, in bullet points:
    a) your singing (and uke-ing) ROCKS
    b) best thing about Steve Martin’s acting career was when he sang this song with Bernadette Peters in The Jerk… awesome ditty
    c) pls also can you learn the song they sing at the end of Juno. Seems like quite uke-able


  12. As I said on the tweeterscape thing–Bravisima! You get better each time! Steamy said we should do a duet, and I always do what Steamy says. (Actually, Steamy’s got some pipes herself–ever heard her Macy Gray?) So, I guess we need–what–Scype or something? And, for me, Autotune 5000. My brother-in-law has ProTools.

    I was thinking we should do either “Islands in the Stream,” or “Jesus Built my Hotrod.”

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