New weird post chemo body alert!  Well, I don’t know if it’s actually chemo related or more an indicator that I need to eat more bananas.  Regardless, I’ve been having this crazy cramping in my hands and feet.  It’s really cutting into my productivity.  How is a girl to paint concrete ‘shrooms when I can’t undo my fist?

Yesterday I lost a full twenty minutes to a fit of giggles when the cramps descended to my feet.  Simone wasn’t nearly as amused as I was when faced with a “live long and prosper” greeting via my toes.  Despite her getting on in years, she’s damn hard to chase down with only one functioning foot.

Speaking of feet…Gwen called me yesterday with a lovely yarn about her peds.  It seems it’s real damn hot in the class room where her lab takes place.  Apparently they have to turn the AC off entirely during the lecture or otherwise the students can’t hear the speaker.  By the end of the day, that’s a whole lot of sweaty students and medical experiments.  (Yet another reason I am so never going back to school.)

Gwen doesn’t do well with heat.  Well, she doesn’t do well with anything that makes her even mildly uncomfortable, really.  I don’t want to call her a princess exactly (and not just because I’m pretty sure she’s going to read this), but she does like her amenities.  She also has no qualms about doing damn near anything to be as comfortable as possible in any given situation.

In this situation, she decided to hitch her pants up above her knees and kick off her shoes.  I suspect there was also a great deal of crotch fanning under the table, but she won’t admit to that.

After a few moments, she caught a whiff of her foot funk.  She thought to herself, “Damn, my feet are pretty darn stinky.”  This thought was quickly followed by, “Fuck it, I’m hot.”

Class continued on.  Notes were taken.  Examples were given.  Specimens were sliced.  At some point, Gwen’s lab partner got up from the table and excused herself for a bathroom run.  The sweltering afternoon wore on.

After class, Gwen and her lab partner were walking towards the subway.

“I don’t understand why it has to be so frickin’ hot in that room.  Even my feet were sweating.  Hopefully the smell wasn’t too bad.”

“THAT WAS YOUR FEET?” her lab partner cried.  “The smell was so intense I had to run to the bathroom to make sure it wasn’t my vag!”