There’s always something about the arrival of Fall that I find deeply comforting.

Don’t get me wrong, I genuinely love Summer.  I love her reliability – her near-constant light and temperatures.  Once you hit 90, can you really discernibly tell if the temperature continues to rise?

I love breezes, water, cold drinks (even the ones without alcohol in them) and frozen dairy on a stick.  I love grills, patios, porches, and blowing bubbles.  I love hiding in the shade during the brutal mid-day sun and maybe even catching a blanket-free catnap.

I love Summer, but I love to see her go, too.  There’s something about all that sun- blinding consistency that seems to stop the passing of time.  By August, I find myself watching the crowd for Punxsutawney Phil or the other Ghost Buster that I always confuse with Bill Murray.

But then the evenings start to get a little cooler.  The dawn arrives a little later.  The sun slides just a little lower in the sky and the light takes on that unnamable quality that you only see as Fall approaches.

And the passing of time resumes again.  It calms me, solaces me.  The ominous weight of captivity that’s been building for months begins to dissipate and I breathe a little more freely.

Sure, it quickly descends into dread over the impending HELL OF WINTER, but for a brief handful of weeks, anything and everything seems possible.


  1. Ahhh yes. That HELL OF WINTER. Or as it’s known in the place I now find myself: the HELL OF FALL, HELL OF WINTER, HELL OF SPRING and partial HELL OF SUMMER. Don’t ya wanna come visit now?? Glad to see you writing lady. xx

  2. I always loved fall, too. Back to school syndrome. Everyone starts with an A. All things are possible. It’s weird, but this is the first year I was like, Meh, whatever. Kinda sad about that. It might be time to move to the Sunshine state.

  3. As a fellow summer lover- respect! Fall has major cred too. And you have captured it brilliantly. While still maintaining/excluding winter as the season that sucks donkey dick. Happy indian summer. Miss you so much! This was wonderful to read.

  4. I hate to agree, but I agree. That said, 50 degrees is the LOWEST temperature I want. Day or night. 50 is cold. 60 is chilly. 70 is cool. 90 or more, stay in the shade unless you’re intent is to tan.

    That got preachy, didn’t it?

  5. And the beautiful words of Elly return! I’m a fall lover, or Autumn as we like to call it down this way. It’s the one season that feels at peace for me. And, luckily or unluckily depending on how you look at it, our Winter’s are mild. Was excited it was supposed to snow a few weeks back but nada, damn weatherman was a snowtease. Enjoy your Fall babe. May there be many exciting possibilities and adventures that come your way xx

  6. I love the fall. Spring is my next favorite. I lived in Monterrey CA for a year and it was perpetual spring FAIAP.

    It is terrific to see you here again. I hope all is well with you and yours.

  7. Somebody is always setting things on fire here during the fall so it’s like our own personal smokey burning man festival.
    Fall used to mean rustic new wool sweaters and heavy stockings with my combat boots. Now I just pull out my granny cardigan and drink more hot beverages.

  8. Hi,
    I’ve come from the winter future – two months after the publication of this post- to tell you that it’s cold, snowy and fucking sucktastic here in mid December.
    Also- the Baby Panda at the National Zoo is a girl..

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