1. Yep, you’re still adorable with your ukelele. And Paul sounds adorable….I see he’s taking over that job from the cats. 🙂

    No VD for me this VD….I don’t even get to sleep. For VD this year, I’m working a 30 hours day!!!!

  2. I’m in awe of your bright shining happy eyes and good skin. I don’t think I showered or changed out of my jammies for a good three years when kids first started marinating in and marching out of my innards.
    How do you look so refreshed?
    Anyway, I like this better on the Uke than I do in the big stadium glam rock setting where Poison unleashed it. I’m gonna pretend this was an original work and forget the other version.

  3. Also, while I’m here I’d like to discuss the Breaking Dawn DVD release as everyone else I try to speak about it with has either laughed at me or gone to great lengths to point out my inferiority. Screw you people! I KNOW you just pretend to read Finnegan’s Wake while you wait for everyone to leave so you can whip out a frothy romance!
    So I probably watched it thirteen times already and I’m still fluttery.
    Everyone may commence with the hatchet job now.

  4. i’m with kelly – you look so refreshed and radiant! and like the willie nelson version of coldplay’s “the scientist” this version of every rose trumps!

    happy valentines day, my sweet ukebird.

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