Dubstep Kicks

Just so we can document (again) how very bad I am with electronics, I’m sad to tell you I’ve killed my computer (again).  While I try to resurrect this bitch (again) I’ll distract you with a video (again).

Say, even though it’s nowhere near Easter time, do you think that whole being all ordained and shit thing will make this resurrection any easier this time?  I’m pretty sure I have some frozen mahi mahi and a stale biscuit.  That’s like loaves and fishes, right?  Is Easter loaves and fishes time?  Did I really just type “fishes” repeatedly?

No, I’m not sleeping very well.  Why do you ask?

I feel like we’re forgetting something….

RIGHT!  Freeze Ray.  No wait, video.  Check.

And no, that’s not Rocco dancing.


  1. I’m thinking of you this week, Elly — I know your due date is nigh (see, I’m sounding all Biblical and stuff to fit in with your post). I don’t doubt that you’re not sleeping well. Best wishes to you, Rocco and Paul.

  2. Why do I really, really like this video????? maybe because it made me smile and wish I could loosen up as a performer. Best wishes on the upcoming event. I did it 4 times…..but then,I’m a lunitic.

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