Dorilla the Gorilla

When the Summer began, I promised Paul we’d write a song together. And so began the journeys of our protagonist, Dorilla the Gorilla and her van, Anna. We finished it yesterday. So what better way to jump back into Ukulele Fridays than with Paul’s original composition – with backing vocals from Sam.

Why yes, we ARE freaking adorable. And I even managed to not curse so you can show it to your kids, too. Hopefully it will be just enough of a distraction to get you through the long weekend.

Unrelated but important:if you have boobs and put bras on those boobs and have bras that you aren’t actively using, consider sending them to I Support the Girls. They have people on the ground in Houston and neighboring cities providing feminine hygiene products and gently-used bras to the women who need them. Just another way you can help Texas and (literally) support the women there.


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