Sometimes I swear electronics have feelings.  We’ve established my cell phone hates me, but I think my disc changer is feeling kind today.  Funny how something cold and plastic can turn the day around.

Between the house drama and packing up my life, I’m feeling a wee bit stressed and fretful.  Add to that my upcoming check-up with Doctor Doom (he’ll revert to Aloysius once he gives me the good news) and I might be rivaling Rocco for the gold medal at the Ulcerlympics.

I thought a nice walk along the water might perk me up – nope.  I thought I’d live crazy and take myself out to lunch as all my pans are packed – no seats and they messed up my order.  So I took my tea to Elysian Park and settled in to people watch – no people.  Seriously, no people.  In Ho-frickin-boken.  Where were they?  It felt a little like a Stephen King novel – distracting yes, comforting no.

So I dragged my booty back home to resume the pack-a-thon.  I managed to pull the only muscle in my body connected to every single other muscle in my body so now every movement feels abs0smurfly fantastic.  Then the cable went out so no phone, internet, or tv to keep me distracted.

Yay for my disc changer.  I think he might have heard me talking about getting rid of him so now he’s trying extra hard to make the move into storage rather than move to Goodwill.  He may have just earned his keep today.  Seriously, if it didn’t make me sound like even more of a crackpot than you already think I am, I’d say he sensed I was in a funk and played just the songs I needed:

Wild is the Wind, Nina Simone – If you have a heart, Nina’s take on this song will rip it out of your body, slam it on the floor, squeeze every ounce of life from it, then lovingly caress the bleeding mass until its full of hope and life again.  Abso-fucking-exhausting.  And incredibly cathartic.

So Real, Jeff Buckley – Angry, disjointed, and bewildered.  Full of doubt.  Oh – and terror.  But somehow still so darkly beautiful.  That one hit a little too close to home.

Govinda, Kula Shaker – So then the disc changer decided to take it up a notch on the cheeriness factor and whips this one out.  One I haven’t heard in a gazillion years.  The song was inspired by a Hindu prayer to Krishna.  There’s something very meditative about chanting the lyrics and enjoying the complexities of the melodies woven through the piece.  Cheered me up enough to get it together to blog today.  Yay for Kula Shaker.

Yay for my disc player, too.  I thought I’d move on to a more new-fangled, technologically advanced music system in the new house…and maybe I still will.  But I think this guy will still make the move – along with my gramophone, reel to reel, and 8-track players.  Maybe I’ll even bother to name him.