Destination Happy Place (a.k.a. Justin Timberlake’s Lap)

I’ve officially achieved a whole new level of crabby.

Rocco:  Good morning, beautiful.

Me:  Fuck you.

I can’t decide if it’s day seven of consecutive overcast skies, hormones, delayed moving dates, aching joints, tornadoes, an impending visit with Aloysius, the lack of floating people on Saturday, my failed hard drive, or the fact that none of my underwear fit anymore that’s making me so cranky, but *stab, stab, stab*.

But it’s Monday and none of you bitches got raptured, so you’re probably crabby, too.  So I’m going to do us all a favor and just post this video from last weekend’s SNL finale.  Because Justin Timberlake makes everything better.  MMmmmm Justin.

And because…DUH….mmmm Justin…I’m posting a second clip – a skit that made me piddle.  And while my skivvies tend to end up soggy when JT is involved, piddle isn’t the usual suspect.

But really?  The whole episode was epic.  Watch it on Hulu if you missed it.  It’ll perk your day up.  Just in case you’re devoid of glitter and rainbows, too.


  1. I’ll say it again. The man is a triple threat. I’m not gonna do that thing where I take of my jacket……
    They knocked it out of the park with this episode and’s not gay if it’s a threeway….

      1. Oh holy awesomeness! You know you can make any song into a ringtone, apparently.

        Requires more techno-savvy than I currently posses, but it’s possible.

        I said what what…

    1. But…that was the first time he didn’t break character and lose his shit. Not that I don’t love when that happens, too.

  2. Yep, Mondays usually blow, though this one is a stat holiday here, so home and no complaints!

    Did not see SNL this week, from those clips looks amazing — gonna go look for it online (no hulu in Canada)…

  3. SNL is getting so much better these days. I say we owe it all to Kristen Wigg.

    As for JT, never thought the guy was cute (he looks so…*average* to me), but he’s pretty damn funny. That “What’s My Name” sketch was totally hilar.

  4. I never liked Timberlake until he started doing SNL. Gotta respect that he doesnt take himself seriously.

    Hey, if I was raptured, and I wasnt killed, does that mean God is indifferent to any thing I’ve done that might have been sketchy?

  5. Yeah, that underwear thing’s a bitch. Rocco should probably get used to that morning greeting from you.

    Loved the clips!! Off to find the whole episode. Wonder if I can convince my hubby its not gay if its a three way? Then all I have to do is convince Johnny Depp…


  6. who could turn down a little JT?! not this girl!!
    if you’re still looking for glitter, then you’re welcome to all this extra that i’ve got. i might have a few extra moonbeams too… 🙂

  7. I’m feeling pretty thrash-you-up-with-my-knives-of-fury myself today and all I have to blame is PMS. Oh, and the mental illness.
    I’m sending you wishes for underwear that don’t roll down under the parasitic bump.

  8. I used to hate JT. I lumped him in with all the fancy packaged child stars… But then he got all growed up and started going on SNL all the time and I was like all Yuhhuh.

    That is all.

  9. I love that the first night I have a chance to read you, you shared JT love with me. I missed this……will def fix that.

    And yeah, I will be singing that song for the next week. TYSFM

  10. I kept hearing people say “Rapture on the 21st,” and I listened. I bet on Rapture in the 4th at Monmouth Park. He was a total long shot and of course, he won. I made a bundle. Now I can buy my own planet and populate it with naked clones of Johnny Depp.

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