Rocco decided he’s “Team Jacob” in case you were wondering.  Can you believe I dragged his ass with me to the midnight showing of New Moon?  I can’t get him to put his pube trimmings in the toilet, but I can get him to sit through two and a half hours of tween girls screaming while half naked hunks prance across the screen.  I guess you have to take your victories where you can find them.

Don’t ask me for any sort of intelligent review of the movie.  I’m still too twitterpated to think clearly.  Don’t expect today’s commentary to be any more insightful than “ooh pretty” or “I want to lick that.”   Just know that I’m super glad I went to the midnight showing.  Anything more detailed than my general state of swoon-itude will have to wait until after I’ve seen it a few more times.  (The next showing is at 1pm this afternoon.  You bet your ass I checked.)

So here’s a little snippet of the post movie dialog I shared with my husband.  While not exactly a review, it might give you a little insight into the movie experience.

Me:  So was that absolute Hell for you?

Rocco:  Not exactly.  That was a long movie.  Is it after two yet?

Me:  It was too short!  It’s probably…(looked at watch)…oh, it’s 2:30.

Rocco:  It could have been a half hour shorter.

Me:  It could have been a half hour longer.

Rocco:  I’m not sure it was worth the film it was shot on.

Me:  Sigh.

Rocco:  I don’t get it.  He’s not that pretty.

Me:  Who?  Edward or Jacob?

Rocco:  Edward.  He’s all emaciated.

Me:  So you’re definitely “Team Jacob.”

Rocco:  Definitely.

[Conversational pause to run through an intersection.]

Rocco:  Was that rated R?

Me:  No.

Rocco:  PG13?

Me:  Tops.  I mean, there’s no cursing, no sex, no gratuitous violence.

Rocco:  Yeah, those things would have really jazzed it up.