David Lee Roth Kicks

No. I’m not announcing anything exciting. That post title is a trick. Except it’s not. It’s literal.

I know people opine about the beauty of the Internet as this great equalizer and uniter and unending supplier of porn and kittens – sometimes at the same time – but I personally believe that the Internet was created for one, single, perfect moment of YouTube joy and deliciousness.

(Based on that last sentence, I think you can see why I’ve elected to hire a professional editor to streamline my manuscript. But I won’t tell more about that because I think most people get bored reading about writing. And parenting. Which is probably why I don’t post here much since that’s basically all I’m doing these days. And occasionally making memes. Huh. Maybe I should be putting memes here. Like this one. Or maybe this one. Finding places for memes sounds way more pleasant than putting away laundry, anyway.)


Wait. No, I don’t. I just have that one perfect moment for which the Internet was created. And I want to share it with you. But you should probably wear some sort of prophylactic. Because there’s no telling where this thing has been.

I know. I KNOW. Take THAT most Monday-est of Tuesdays. Let this lycra-bound lion elevate your day. Repeatedly.


  1. Is it bad that my favorite Van Halen song isn’t David Lee Roth? I’m rethinking now because those cheerleader kicks are impressive. Very impressive. Also that aaaahhhhh and wooohooo uh uh uh. And that last quiet ooh.

    Also, I just subscribed to your mailing list. I will be awaiting my pony.

  2. Hiiii! I love reading about writing. A craft essay won a goddamn Pushcart last year. A fucking Pushcart. I’ll try to dig it up and share it.
    And this is Sarah P. from Naked Cupcakes who is now Sarah E. who is writing other stuff.

  3. I found it. http://hungermtn.org/corn-maze/

    I’m lifting my thoughts about it straight from a FB messenger conversation with the friend who sent it to me. It took me a few reads to decide whether I loved it or hated it. Landed on love.

    I love this piece. I like how the text tells us the structure, how she found a theme in mini-stories that could have been pulled out of a boneyard, how it reads like journal entries, and its journey as both a craft essay and a personal essay.

    See? Reading about writing all day, son.

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