Danny’s Uke

Not that this song is for Danny.  Well, not the Dan/Dannys I know anyway.  I imagine Kenny Loggins wrote it for some Danny somewhere, but this uke is for Rocco.  I guess I could have entitled it Rocco’s Uke, but then you’d expect a video of him playing and singing.  Or maybe you wouldn’t.  Maybe you’d expect a cage match between Dr. Ruth and a spider monkey you sick bastard.  Really, you can’t blame me for the weird way your brain works, Interwebz.


*rubs eyes, remembers pink eye situation, runs off to wash hands, sanitizes keyboard, resumes typing*

So.  Um.  Here’s Danny’s Song for Rocco I guess.  Though the Danny in the song doesn’t even know Rocco so I’ve know idea why he (she?) would get him a birthday present.

Beer.  Get some.  STAT.  (Or whatever libation you’d prefer this fine Friday.)


  1. Awwww… how can I possible make snarky comments about LiLo’s crotch or snail porn with such a adorable little guy waving at the camera?

    1. These are my thoughts exactly. And I had such a killer joke about the newest snail porn being shot in Lilo’s crotch. Damn parasites. Also, more baby backup!

  2. Paul approved obviously!!! Can you have Paul Guest star in your Uke videos from now on? He’s an awesome backup singer. Happy Birthday to Rocco! And you look wonderful for someone with long sore boobs and pink eyes. xxoo

  3. Okay, first the boobs and now your eye? Love that song. It brings out that summer camp feeling in my heart. Paul’s little socked feet are begging to be eaten.

  4. From the moment I saw the little turtle sign (sea turtle, BigB claims), I got weepy every time I heard that song. And you are right! Who doesn’t love Kenny Loggins? Republicans maybe? Okay, that was mean. Sorry Republicans. Anyway…that was lovely, made all the lovlier with the waving arms and verbal encouragement in the foreground. I’m just so happy for you. Except for the pink-eye situation. Happy Birthday, Rocco

  5. Seriously. You inspire me to get offa my butt and sing but I be sceerd. I totally loved how Paul was lovin’ you, obtw. Loved.

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