I’m in the land of pine again.  Yay!  But I’m having some technical issues.  Boo.  So first, let me distract you with a picture of my dad Younicorned:

So for the next few weeks, I’m all over the place – mentally and geographically.  I’ll try and keep posting regularly, but don’t panic if I don’t post every single day.  My absence is just me being trapped somewhere without internet rather than bleeding out in a ditch somewhere.  Probably.

I did manage to get my Sprocket piece done before breaking my laptop, though.  You can read about how this nut job bought her 7 year old daughter a boob job for her birthday.

Cross your fingers I can talk Dadicorn into performing with the ukulele again tomorrow….


  1. Oh right! It’s Thursday. I was totally all where-the-hell-is-the-uke-video!

    Dadicorn looks shockingly like a Clausicorn, Santa that is. What was he blowing at or on in this pic? Did he eat the other mushrooms that were supposed to be in this picture and thus was putting out an imaginary forest fire set by Jokey Smurf?

    I’ll just stop now. My mushrooms are wearing off.

    1. He was very confused by my waving an iPad in his face. That’s his “I know you’re the fruit of my loins but that doesn’t mean I understand what the hell you’re doing” vagina face.

  2. Consider me distracted, he looks like he is completely intrigued by the behavior of all the lesser creatures below him.
    And I am completely intrigued by the idea of Dadicorn with the uke. The internet beseeches you, Dadicorn.

  3. DUELING UKE’S!!!!!!!!!!!

    You guys could go on tour as the “Uke’s of Hazzard”!

    Have fun in NC pooky!

  4. Elly come back.
    You can blame your laptop on me.
    I was gone, but I just can’t live without you.

    Freals. I STILL have mail to send you and an accompanying blog post. The package keeps getting bigger, but never gets to you. Also, even that thought is dirty.

  5. Dadicorn looks like he’s about to choose another appetizer or something but why wouldn’t he just use his horn for that? Anyway, don’t forget about us. We need you.

  6. Your dad is mystical and magical as a unicornical. I think all unicorn photos should be placed in your kid’s scrapbook. Maybe that’s what I’ll do with my daughter’s scrapbook, seeing as how I’ve never made her one.

  7. Have fun with Dadicorn! Your dad is Da Bomb!

    p.s. Do people still say that? I once used the word Hunk, 15 years later my husband is still making fun of me.

  8. Thanks so much for your congratulatory comment on my blog! I truly appreciate that. (No, really!)

    Take care and hope all is well.

    And I dig your Dadicorn.

    🙂 A.

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