Confucius Say

Me:  Only twelve people read my blog today.

Gwen:  It’s 9:30 in the morning.

Me:  So?

Gwen:  That’s not all of today, yet.  What was your traffic for yesterday?

Me:  Seventy something ish.

Gwen:  See?

Me:  See what?

Gwen:  You’re obsessed.

Me:  What, are you saying it’s unhealthy for me to base my entire self worth on the traffic to my site?

Gwen:  Why don’t you try and not check your traffic more than once a day?

Me:  How can I not check when I know it’s sitting here at twelve people?

Gwen:  You can’t base today on today.  You have to judge today on tomorrow.  Today you can only judge yesterday.

…and then my little chemo brain exploded into 7.4 million pieces.


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