Dancing Chihuahuas, Vagina Dresses, and Pudding

Doesn’t this make you want to get married all over again?

Yeah, me either.

I’m home.  I’ve decided I can say that confidently because I have a new definition of “home.” Home is where the fresh-made banana pudding is chilling in the fridge.  In other news, banana pudding may well have just replaced a Cajun chicken fillet biscuit as the best breakfast food ever.  Also?  I’m starting to wonder if the poor gal who’s been nice enough to share her lovely apartment, fat cat, and bodacious Paula Deen recipes with us has any idea how hard it’s going to be to get rid of us.

I’m a little fuzzy from a whirlwind of family functions and 12 hour car rides augmented by gastrointestinal (and incredibly sexy) complications, so forgive me for copping out with this video of a chihuahua dancing the flamenco.


  1. That really needed an “Oh MY!” at the end of that post title. 🙂 I just had some bananna pudding at the local Jason’s Deli. And let me tell you, dry grahm crackers and chopped up bananas mixed into Jello-brand banana-flavored pudding just does not cut it. I don’t know who they thought they were fooling. Color me jealous!

    1. it takes a special kind of person to exhibit the proper understanding of a dress like this.
      I will say that when the bride dances with her dad things might get a little akward but if he can rise above then there should be smooth sailing for the rest of the night.

  2. That is a beautiful wedding dress – without the giant vajayjay attached to the front of it.

    Why on EARTH would that have been invented?

    No one wants to see a vagina that big. NO ONE.

  3. I’m thinking if that’s hanging out the front of the wedding dress, maybe it’s shouldn’t be the traditional white?

  4. That dress has GaGa written all over it. Meanwile, there is an amazing book of vagina illustrations. I was going to send it to you. I can’t remember the name. I just went back to my bookshelves to find it. But all I found was Ferlinghetti.

  5. Um. I will not be showing this dress to Lu once we start wedding dress shopping for her. Although that is obviously a vagina which just delivered a huge baby.

    Mmmm…banana pudding.


  6. i just want to flick the little man in the boat on that dress. it’s so educational, really. all men should see that dress as a diagram on where to go.

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