Careless Uker

This is what happens when I don’t get my shit together and record the video the night before.  But a gal can’t waste a chance to uke a cheesy 80’s love song, can she?

Shout out to Joules for reading my mind and giving me the confirmation that this counts as a VD song.  Heh.  Nothing says George Michael like venereal disease.  Not that venereal diseases talk.  At least not the kind I’ve had.

Not that I’ve had VD.


Oh Jesus.  Somebody roll tape!

Happy MFBT, bitches!

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  1. I see a dirty Koala sneaking up behind you. You even HINT at VD and BAM! There they are.
    You also get huge love from me for bringing me back to the burnt orange and nuclear blue Howard Johnson’s right outside of Orlando Florida where I heard this song for the first time. Oh George, but you MUST dance again! Guilty feet DO have rhythm!

  2. Love and vd go hand in hand. Kinda like George Michael and some guy in a public bathroom.
    I’m getting pretty comfortable here in your head, it’s like taking mild hallucinogenics without any repercussions. Groovy.

  3. I notice you and your babe have developed that special language aka noises. My wife had that with our babies too. Everyone once in a while she looks at them lovingly and pulls out an awkward “AAAAACK” sound even though they are now teens. It mortifies them. (And that’s another reason why I love her.)

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