Car Talk

Rocco: Last time I went to your family reunion I was on good behavior. Am I allowed to just be myself this trip?

Me: Writing “Elly’s Bitch” on your nametag is good behavior?

Rocco: Your Dad said it was ok.

Me: I’m not sure you should look to Dad as your mentor in such social circumstances.

Thom: I’m going to put my name as “Rocco’s Bottom.”

Me: I’m not sure that’s going to get all the response you’re hoping for.  Maybe “Rocco’s Top” is a better way to go.

Thom: Maybe “Rocco’s Fourth Hole” then.

Me: That’s disgusting.  No.  NO.  Wait, I should write this down.

Rocco: You know it does no good for me to be on good behavior if your family reads this shit on your blog.  I might as well just be myself.

Look out, Middletons.  I tried.


  1. Rocco – there are no points for good behavior in this crowd – actually it is the opposite!

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