Captain Ahab

Rocco has a new trick that he unveiled over the Fourth of July.  We  were all tooling around swimming in the lake, tossing balls about and occasionally splashing each other when he suddenly was inspired to show his new skill.

“Duh nuh.  Duh nuh.  Duh nuh.”

I eventually figured out that he was “singing” the theme song from Jaws.  Regardless, his noises had gotten the attention of our fellow swimmers.

He continued to duh-nuh-duh-nuh as he leaned back ever so slightly in the water.  Slowly his shoulders and head rocked back as the lower half of his body moved towards the surface.

The duh-nuh-duh-nuhs increased in speed and volume as we all were transfixed with horror and anticipation.  Had we not been on noodles, there might have been a drowning.

You could see the white mass just below the surface of the cold water.  A hypnotic light danced across the sphere as the sun was refracted in the water.   The duh-nuh-duh-nuhs were strung together so closely his voice became a drone.

Suddenly the blinding white globe burst out of the waves.  As water crested over Rocco’s belly, little rivulets of water traced his hairs and pooled in his belly button.   Shielding our eyes against the brightness, it took a moment to realize the droning had stopped.  Rocco-Dick had arched his back so deeply, his head was now under water.  Only his buoyant belly floated above the surface.

As quickly as it came, it was gone again and Rocco’s head was back.  He panted for breath, grinning from ear to ear.

“So THAT’s what it looks like when a dead corpse washes onto shore,” Drew muttered while giggling.