Can’t Help Falling

So this video pretty much sums up my life right now – a wonderful failure.

Absolutely nothing is going how I’d hoped or planned, but I’m starting to be ok with that.  Life is all about managing expectations and adapting, right?  So my house smells like fermenting yogurt and I’ve been wearing the same pair of pants for seven days straight.  Neither housekeeping nor fashion has ever been my passion.  So I’ve been re-reading To Catch a Mockingbird since the 4th of July and I’m only on chapter 6.  Reading a page a day allows me to savor her perfect writing.  So I still don’t have a publisher for my book.  I trust that it WILL be published someday…even if I have to do it myself.

And no, I’m not writing, nor painting, nor working, nor casting, nor any of the five zillion things I could/should/would be doing.  Yet I can’t seem to stop smiling.  After 11 and a half months, I’m starting to finally get good at failing, to be ok with failing.  Hell, I might even be enjoying it.

So let’s toast failure.  Or fail to toast.  Or flail a toaster.  (I didn’t say anything about being caught up on sleep, did I?)

Happy MFBT.

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  1. I see not one ounce of failure in this video. Cheers to a job well done. Take pride in your hot mess. Thanks for the ear to ear grin this morning. xo

  2. failing my ass! looks like you’ve been spending the last year being a very loving and loved mom. i can’t think of a more important accomplishment or way to spend time.

    ps: never fail to toast. cheers to to MFBT!

  3. Welcome to my experience of motherhood. My mom heard on the radio one day that if you are doing a great job of motherhood you can pick one, or maybe two of the following, but not all three:

    clean house
    balanced, reasonably happy kids
    good healthy food

    NOTE: You cannot have all three.

    It was a good reality check for me. My house is a disaster, but I just canned 10 jars of rhubarb and blueberry syrups to make “pop” this winter. And now we are off to bury my mom.

    <3 Great thing to remember about her on a day like today, so you succeeded in reminding me what is possible. <3

    lotsa love. You rock. Gonna listen to your tune with my sister now …

    1. um … he’s WALKING!!!!!~!~!!!!!!~!!!!

      Also: That is a PERFECT video to go along with this particular post, it reflects everything I’ve learned about good theatre and performance and the struggle for perfection vs. what is actually great materials. Wow. I can’t help … falling in love … with you. Two.

  4. Dude, you are totally failing to appreciate his “I GOT YOUR NOSE!” magic act! I can see the genius within!
    Behold me, for I AM PAUL! oh and I’ve got your nose. Book me a week long residency at the Magic Castle in LA, watch me slay them.

    I don’t even have babies anymore and my house smells of things dead and buried so you are in good company.

  5. Yes, but you are totally winning at LIFE. Just think of all those unfortunately successful bastards with immaculate grooming, and clean houses, who are secretly miserable inside. I feel sorry for them. I really do.

  6. Darling! Are you bananas?? Failure? Whatcha talking about? Don’t make me come out there!
    LP is adorable, your house is beautiful, you can play the ukulele and sing, too(oh, alright, I’ve stolen this line from “Some like it hot”. It’s only because I can’t come up with clever stuff like that on my own) you’ve got a good man, hot water and a nice barbecue grill. All the bases are covered.

    Clean houses are overrated, anyway. It’s an antiquated notion that started in the 1950s. In Jane Austen’s day nobody vacuumed.

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