Brown Eyed Uke

God that title sounds way grosser than it ought to, am I right?   Like a bad Limp Bizkit album or something?  (As if there’s any other kind of Limp Bizkit album.)

Speaking of things that are in bad taste, it’s time for another video.  Seeing as how it’s National Kazoo Day, I recruited (as The Beatles would say) a little help from my friends.

Veg, you’re going to want to skip this one.

So Happy MotherFuckingBoozeTime!  Also Happy National Kazoo Day!

What I Did Instead of Dishes


  1. YEA!!!!


    I can play along at home thanks to you! A Kazoo is a gift that just keeps on giving. Like LiLo’s crotch…

  2. Hate kazoos. Love you and your peeps and your uke. But what’s with the deadpan lady *blinks* in the *blinks, blinks* background? *blinks*
    Did she just deliver a pizza or something and you all just dragged her in there for the uke song? She rocks.

    1. Giggle. Not a lady. Not even a trashy woman. And yes, he has incredible restraint. And a bat. So…um…maybe go easy on the lady part. Except that I can’t stop laughing so maybe keep going.

  3. How much booze had been consumed by this time? I wager “A LOT” is the metric term for it.

    Also, my bowels almost evacuated when the swarm of horny wasps flew in and made my ear drums explode.

    What was up with the dude in back? Was he your “security” he didn’t move the entire time. Is he a Real Doll?

    1. Oh dear god and now I’m wondering about interchangeable junk again. Dammit, Veg! I warned you not to watch it. Why you gotta be all mean and break my brain?

  4. Happy National Kazoo Day!!! I am saddened that there is no WORLD Kazoo Day. Srly wtf right?

    Your surprise Kazoo backup girls are awesome. AND the deadpan lady is the best. How did she manage to keep a straight face the whole time when the rest of you fell off laughing (Total FAIL at NOT laughing by the way. You guys should have consumed less alcohol…) The best moment? When Thom picked up his beer and slowly took a long sip. Ha!

  5. I find it very odd that you would have a friend with no personality. Yeah, that Matt dude in the back. Wait?! Does he have a huge kazoo phobia? And he was frozen in fear? Because that really explains everything. If that’s the case, then bravo for torturing a friend. That’s how I keep my friends in line too.

    Happy Kazoo day! Though I refuse to blow anything today. (That’s what she said!)

    Can’t believe I’ve been missing out on all your craziness for the last month and a half!


  6. Oh man. I don’t know what was better, the kazooers popping up or you busting up about the kazooers pooping up. I’m so thankful for you, Elly Lou. That made me smile.

    1. Yeah apparently I broke it the first time. Rocco said to me, “Why don’t you own that shirt?” *sigh* Then I tried to explain zazzle and lost a solid 40 minutes of my life. Besides I have to wait until I design my ukes not nukes shirt so I can consolidate my shipping costs.

  7. Thom has a powerful zenlike stillness that calms me.
    Also the entrance of the kazoo players had explosive muppet-esque quality to it. Sort of the same jolt you got when the Mnah Mnah do do do do do guy popped up for his part in that Jim Henson short.
    I had no idea it was Kazoo day, so I broke out my bugginword kazoo and blew it in honor of you.

  8. The part where the kazoo backups popped up made me laugh out loud in class. I think the lecturer is starting to figure out that I’m not looking at the lecture notes on my screen.

  9. LOL my 9 year old who loves you wants to run around screaming pussy power. I told her it is kinda like in scooby doo when scrappy yells puppy power only for people who like cats. HA HA HA! LMAO

    We skype now. She wants to sing to you. LOL

    1. Oh shit! Well. And side of AWESOME! I’m going to need to see a vid of a 9 year old screaming pussy power. I think the whole world does. You could be the next “baby dancing to beyonce’s single ladies.”

  10. Wonderful……as always. And now I can just envision myself having to explain to the other swim parents why the Meade County girls swim team’s rallying chant for the day on the bus was pussy powder. Krystin taking her kazoo and everything. I have to admit, the coach is kind of a massive prick and the idea of him trapped on a bus with 14 girls chanting pussy powder is kind of fucking HILARIOUS! I mean, awful and YOU SHOULD NEVER DO ANYTHING LIKE THAT GIRLS. (just in case they are reading this)

  11. I am so sorry. My apologies to the dude in the background. But I must admit I haven’t stopped laughing for the past 30 minutes.

    1. I hung out with HIS wife yesterday and we both laughed until wine came out of our noses knowing that the Interwebz thinks Matt is a “lady.”

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