Today’s Ukulele Friday song is disproportionately happy considering what Congress did yesterday. And while I did make some attempts to do this song today, I ended up back with this one. Because we’re all going to spend plenty of time today talking about the other situation and contacting our Senators, right? RIGHT?!?!


So anyway. I swear this was a request but of course now I can’t find any record of anyone requesting it. Which is fascinating because I swear I’d never heard it before I sat down to learn it. Clearly I’ve lost my mind. Probably a pre-existing condition. Too bad compassion isn’t an airborne contagion, eh?

Take your vitamins, y’all.


  1. What a sweet song and a nice pick me up for today! And it appears that you love the music of Liz Phair as I do. You are one cool chick!

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