Brief Encounter

What is it about a tall boy in a peacoat that makes me want to shoop?  Before I get into that, be sure to swing by Studio30 to read my ridiculously steamy interview with a famous Becky.  While you’re at it, check out today’s Craftastrophe which proves beyond a doubt that I’m going soft.

Remember what a slut I am for free theater tickets?  Well, it’s been a good month.  I’ve seen a mess of shows, but I haven’t written about hardly any of them, not even A Life in the Theater with the ridiculously sexy and captivating Jean Luc…er…Patrick Stewart.  Somehow, I just don’t have anything to say about most of them.

But there’s this one show I can’t get out of my head – Brief Encounter.  Then again, what’s not to love about a show with not one, but TWO ukuleles and a gigantic prosthetic ass?  Did I mention it has puppets, too?  And a scene where an enamored girl makes out with an upright bass?

The story itself is sad, tragic even.  Yet I don’t have a better word to describe the production than joyful.  The supporting cast is quirky and inventive yet simple and sweet.  Really, it’s just a warm, cookie-smelling ball of happiness that I could watch four hundred and seventy-two more times.  Here’s a video:

So now you have a reason to come visit NYC.  How about we grab a glass of wine while you’re here?


  1. I saw Captain Picard perform Shakespeare here in Minneapolis once. But a friend of mine claimed to see him buying booze in the liquor store down the street from the theater.
    I would have traded my theater tickets for that.

  2. Did he say ‘engage’? Because if he said ‘engage” I would totally buy a ticket, and fly to New York to hear that.

    I should look and see if I can find a recording of Jean Luc to use for my ringtone…

  3. You get to do so many more interesting things than I do. I went to the Community Theatre here yesterday and saw “Forever Plaid”. It proved my point about fat people not being invisible because three of the four guys were well over 250 lbs and we could all see them just fine. And they did a good job too. But they certainly weren’t Patrick Stewart. And the little old lady next to me looked totally annoyed when I sang along, but they specifically told us too. Maybe she didn’t hear that part. Or maybe it was just my singing. *shrugs*


  4. That’s one thing I just REALLY miss about NYC.

    *Good*, live theater.

    Because there’s a lot of bad…but when it’s good…it’s just amazing.

  5. Picard, a giant prosthetic ass AND puppets all in one month. How’d you manage note to suffer an OD when they added two ukuleles th all that?

  6. There were cookies in your kitchen long enough to ask the tights question? I’m in awe of your restraint!

    Who hasn’t gone to bed with a narwhal and realized in the morning it was just William Shatner with an erection? I’ll take your silence as your agreement.

  7. Okay, I blew my load over at Craftastrophe so I guess that I should offer you some makeup sex to gloss that over huh?
    I tried to insert a link about bacon flavored soda but your comments czar keeps kicking me in the nards.

  8. I’m feeling sad because I can’t properly link to the bacon soda site so I’m including my Craftastrophe comment here.
    I know this is overkill but I’ve been denied.

    And here I was, laboring under the delusion that unicorns could only be created from the tears of a thousand weeping innocents and the magic of a hopeful but downtrodden circus pony.
    I’m so misinformed.
    Also, I’m pretty sure this guy just made my all time favorites list.

      1. New fresh comments because I was doubled over in pain from the rejection.
        Like a tiny prisoner on a boat traveling in the opposite direction of their intended destination.
        That describes a fraction of my pain.
        I think it was that stupid bacon flavored soda link that did it.

  9. Oh Elly. When I saw the moment the actress on stage morfed into the character on the movie screen, goose bumps broke out all over. They are still here. I MUST SEE THIS SHOW!

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