Ain’t Nothing Gonna Break-a My Uke

I totally missed that this was Friday the 13th, but this week’s uke video is still pretty scary.  Ok it’s not.  Shut up.  I haven’t slept.  Look!  A pony!

In case you missed my tweet about it last week, I was in the Washington Post.  I had a whole line in a short article and everything!  AND, thanks to the incredibly gracious Omawarisan, my name has now been mentioned in the same breath as Jake Shimabukuro.  I may or may not still be hyperventilating.  Which might be why I can’t sleep.  So thanks a heap, Omwarisan.

I just drooled on the keyboard.  That’s my sign to back away from the computer.  Happy Friday, bitches!  May it be filled with boxed wine and glitter!


  1. This was my first ever favorite song! I sing along with you every week, you know.

    Have you done Five Years Time yet? I feel like you have. If not, *please face*?

  2. I find it eerie how Mildred appears almost magically as soon as you start strumming.
    I’m noticing more complicated cords and serious fingerwork going on here, are we touring soon?
    And no fadeout is needed.
    I’ll get my kneepads

  3. Not only is the mention on the Post awesome, it’s an awesome quote! I’ve been thinking about getting a Ukelele more and more since I first found your video page. I may just have to do it.

  4. Dude… your in the Post! You’re gonna get all famous and stuff now aren’t you…(at least I hope so!) cheers lovely and have a great weekend. MFBT!!

  5. You, like the ukulele, are instantly likeable as well as being a total ninja in both the areas of wordsmithery and boob magnitude.

    Elly groupie for life!
    *rock on hand signal*

  6. Great article. I have a song idea for you. This song has been stuck in my head for years and it reminds me of my very first girlfriend: Too Bad by Doug & the Slugs. As someone who is musically challenged (I attended an intense immersion guitar camp three times and still cannot play the guitar), I have no basis to say this but I bet it would sound great on the uke.
    Happy Friday. I am going to have a drink for you tonight! Hope you get some sleep.

  7. Oh my sweet, sweet Elly. The crazy cat circles, beware! I always find myself shouting for you to watch out behind you, like a horror movie only pleasant and soothing. Yeah, I know. *grabs kneepads and packs tour bag while practicing fingerwork*

  8. I was reading some of the comments on Absence of Alternatives blog and saw yours on life after NCIS gets cancelled. Don’t even think such a thing! Not to worry. It has a life of its own. Seen an episode 5 times? Doesn’t matter. You can play your uke and watch

    My husband’s favorite TV show is “AnythingButNCIS” which, of course, is my least favorite.

    And yet, the marriage survives.

  9. I was so excited for you!!! I tweeted and FBed it when I saw this post in my inbox. Now I need to go check out your YouTube channel (again). Yeah ELLY!

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