1. My kids are going crazy, they’re so looking forward to the end of the hot days. This year we here in the rainforest have had little rain, and we’re jonesin’ for it something awful. I love that my kids feel as happy about inclement weather as I do, though I’ve also enjoyed the blue skies now that I’ve taken that garage out of our yard and set us up with some grass and a table under a mantilla. It’s the wasps. Um … the yellow jackets? And the netting I bought is black so … um … ya.

    Nonsequitur much? Sigh.

    But I do love that song, though I sing it quite woefully. =) It is the least/best I can do.

    K. gotta fly. You know, winter in the west is much like spring/fall where you live. You should really fly/train west for the winter. It could be a new migration route for birds like you … and that squawky thing you call honeychile.

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