Blood Sucking Fiends

They’re back.  You’d think I was breeding these little bastards professionally.  How are they getting into the apartment?  The mosquitoes of Hoboken must execute their attacks with military precision.  We’ve got the windows closed, damnit!  I don’t really have any standing bodies of water here in my 3rd floor apartment…not since we removed the koi pond from the kitchen.

I feel like a Peter Luger’s steak…but probably less tender.  I suspect there’s a three month mosquito waiting list to dine at Chez Me.  We certainly seem to be feeding a full house nightly.

It’s hard to tell how many bites I have.  I think these bitches are two or three layers deep in some places.  They swell to such sizes it’s hard to tell where one ends and one starts.  I’ve got one on my right forearm that looks like a third elbow.  I know.  Dead sexy, right?

Even sexier is the goiter size bite I have on my neck.  I’ve scratched it enough that it’s starting to resemble a hickey on a middle-schooler.  I guess I should be glad it’s not smack in the middle of my forehead.  Then again, maybe the little vampires are saving that for when I have an important social event.  Good thing the bangs are starting to come in thicker.

The little fuckers even got me in my toe-gina.  I didn’t notice that one until I slipped on my flip-flops.  Well, I attempted to slip on my flops.  The ginormous red globule quickly kiboshed that plan.  We’ll be sticking with sneaks till that bad boy mellows out.


  1. if you give a mouse a cookie, a story about a mouse who gets a cookie(your blog) and then he realizes he wants a glass of milk(another entry) and that reminds him of christmas and he wants to get a tree(read another post) but first he must get some stuff to make decorations(read comments) then he needs a snack(make comment)….just never ends….maybe it was a bad example. sorry.

    anyway. i loved your toegina so much, i used it for today(‘s post). rather ask forgiveness than permission, apparently. sorry, i know we just met and all. i hope i haven’t gone and fucked everything up.
    .-= magda´s last blog ..Toe-gina =-.

    1. It was a perfect example and wonderful and lovely and all of those things. I just need caffeine, clearly.

      I’m just glad you enjoyed my toe-gina. In fact, my toe-gina is your toe-gina. Wait, that’s just…weird. Sp yeah, nice to meet you. Off to find that caffeine…

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