So things are going super smoothly around here. All my dudes are sick. Rocco, without his usual fix of WebMD is having to get super creative and has at various points diagnosed them with Lyme Disease, Meningitis, and Strep Throat. I may or may not have slipped him some Benadryl.

Then, just for fun, the linesman doing some repairs for the power company yesterday apparently took out our data line. Which is why this is late. But a late blog is WAY better than a late period, AMIRIGHT?!

So without further…WAIT! I forgot! Remember that book I’m in? The one where 37 witty authors talk about our epic parenting fails so you can feel better about your choices? Well you can buy it now! Here are all the relevant links:

Amazon paperback


Barnes & Noble paperback




Google Play

Ok. NOW. Without further ado. A classic song slaughtered on a ukulele.