Beginning to See the Light

Somehow I though Spring would be greener. But it was light before 6 am this morning so I AM TAKING THE WINS WHERE I CAN.

Do you know what else is a win? Having slightly pushy friends that kick you in the ass when you feel like wallowing in phlegm and self-pity. Friends that say, “YOU HAVE TO DO A UKULELE VIDEO THIS WEEK,” even though your body seems to think it’s possible to expel an ovary via body-racking coughs and insists on trying ad nauseam. Friends that say, “I’LL HELP AND IT’S TOTALLY FINE THAT YOU JUST ROLLED OUT OF BED BECAUSE YOU ARE GOING TO SOUND SO AMAZING THAT NO ONE WILL EVEN NOTICE YOUR TRAGIC LEVEL OF UNKEMPT.”

Friends that are classically trained vocalists, for example.

Which is why this week’s video exists. And why I am suddenly a soprano.

But seeing as how the whole point of this A-NEW-UKULELE-FRIDAYS-EVERY-WEEK-UNTIL-APRIL thing was to get us through that miserable winter, it seemed only appropriate to celebrate the arrival of Spring.

WAIT. What if this isn’t a cold? Could it be allergies already?


In other exciting news, I spent last week looking for typos in AMONGST THE LIBERAL ELITE: The Road Trip Exploring Societal Inequities Solidified by Trump (RESIST) because we just sent it off for a SECOND PRINTING!!! So if you’ve been having trouble finding a copy, never fear! The second edition will be ready and available in time for all your beach reading.

Mmmmm beach. I for one cannot WAIT for it to be consistently sweltering enough that I can complain about the heat.

Well, I can no longer resist the call of my humidifier and decongestants. And so I leave you with the most vocally enjoyable Ukulele Fridays you are likely to ever experience. (And if you want to hear more of that melodious voice, check out the Marquee Five site.)