Bad Boy of the Pipe Organ

I don’t care how much you love and adore your mother-in-law, four days of company, biting cold, and holiday sight-seeing is enough to make you see sideways.  This girl is exhausted.

In fact, I’m so tired I totally forgot to tell you I Craftastrophated yesterday.  So.  Um.  There’s this.

Crap, are you still here?  No napping for me yet?  Well then here’s a video from the CBS Sunday Morning Show about a master organ player.  (Heh.)  This Cameron Carpenter fellow had me vacillating between jaw-dropping awe (’cause this dude has wicked skills) and knee-slapping guffaws the first time I watched the video.

I know it’s just further proof that I’m twelve years old, but I can’t hear a sentence with the word “organ” in it and not giggle.  Especially when the reporter describes Carpenter’s greatest creation as a “touring organ he can play anywhere.”  And he named his pet cat Kitty Balls.  Kitty Balls, people.

Best quote: “The show that I put on is always intended to be the most stimulating thing that can possibly transpire between a person and an organ.”

You’re welcome.  G’night.


  1. What’s better than roses on your piano?

    Tulips on your organ.

    harf harf harf. (yes, I do indulge my inner child.)

  2. I am sure he has made organs more interesting for a lot of people! LMAO

    He is really talented!

    I love the outfits too! (Though I feel ashamed that I kept wondering if he vajazzles his mangina)

    LOVE that his cat is named kitty balls TOO FUNNY!

    He is awesome!! I am a fan!

    The news rocks for doing a feature on him and his organ.

  3. That’s amazing. And he seems like a great guy. ‘Out there’ a bit and friendly. And well who wouldn’t want to have a friend who names their cat ‘kitty balls’? I bow down to that level of awesome.

  4. I’m so glad that my life has slowed down just enough for me to crack open a few of my favorite blogs and this is the first posting that greeted me.

    Well, hello, Kitty Balls! How are you this fine day? Say, is the Master Organ Player around? I need some stimulation!

    Wait. That sounds like my first date with one of the exes…

  5. You know, I saw another video once where the organ player demonstrated several different techniques while playing. I must say the organ is a very versatile instrument. There seems to be no end to the number of creative ways it can be played.

  6. I totally watched this Sunday morning too. I love this guy. The shot of him sequining his shoes? LOVE.

    Did you see the other piece from that show about the awesome synagogue stained glass window?

  7. The reporter is absolutely charmed. She is going Full Throttle Cougar on him. But who can blame her? The talent. The great sense of humor. The muscles. The PUSHUPS! And the fingers. The feet. Those eyes.

    Huh. Oh. I’d better stop now.

  8. I’m not even worthy to comment here. I can’t keep up. You guys used up all the good lines, and here I am stuck being “Tree on side of stage” (just like in grade school).
    So glad organ guy did not eat a banana for a snack or have a pet monkey…….. that would’ve opened a whole ‘nother can of worms (not to mix metaphors, but oops too late).

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