Are You Having Any Fun

I don’t know what the weather is like where you are, but it is cold, crisp, and stunningly gorgeous here today. The light is doing that piercing intensity thing it does in the Fall, and every orange leaf seems to capture and emanate with its glow. Maybe it was all the amazing wins on Tuesday, maybe it was spending hours yesterday crafting with my kids, maybe it was sacrificing some writing time to learn this joyful ukulele song…whatever the reason, today I feel like a glowing orange leaf, too. But emanating gratitude and joy for this one, magical life.

Because I am. I’m having lots of fun. I’m getting so much out of living. And I am elbow-deep in laughs and wonderful people that elicit them regularly.

Well this wasn’t a funny post at all, was it. I must have used up all my snark writing this McSweeney’s post earlier in the week. So I guess you’ll have to get your giggles watching me massacre this song with my trusty ukulele.

Here’s to a joyful weekend! I plan to see two of my favorite veterans and thank them personally for their service with soup and snuggles. May your weekend be full of fun, too.