Anonymity Sucks

Isn’t it awkward when you’re sitting at a dinner party, make a subtle reference to something you’re considering blogging about, and then having one of the guests stand up at the table, point at you and shout, “You used my name!”

Yeah, I couldn’t stop laughing either.

So now that this person reads my blog, I can’t call them out by name anymore.  *sigh*  (Note that I’m not even divulging gender.  Oh wait, that’s not going to work for this story.  He’s a dude.  Mostly a dude.  He’s definitely male.  Though I do hear he looks lovely in heels and mascara.)

Let this be a lesson to me.  If someone says something funny, publish it as quickly as possible before they have a chance to find your blog and learn that their witty comments have become blog fodder.  This dovetails nicely with the previous lesson of don’t ask Mom if references to her sex life are off limits.

I’m way off track here.  This was supposed to be short and sweet.  It’s too pretty a day to be inside.  So I’ve got a joke for you…

Ok, Elly and an un-named male walk into a bar.

Un-named male makes some comment about some smoking hot chick at the bar.

Elly asks, “What – did she just send you from six to midnight?”

Un-named male responds, “More like eleven.  Who are you kidding?  I’m 43.”


  1. Ah ha ha ha ha. More like eleven. I would totally want credit for that. Or… maybe not. And no, I am not wearing a fucking tierra. Ass.

  2. I had a comment but then saw that ‘Eternally Distracted’ has something called ‘testicle powder’ and now I’m all wondering if it’s powder that’s put ON testicles or powder that’s made FROM testicles or maybe even a mixture of both and – oh look – vomit.

    1. I’m sure my husband had an opinion on the matter. I’m also sure I didn’t pay attention. I figured my odds of not upsetting him were 50/50. Not too bad!

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