An Ukelogy

I hope you have a box of tissues handy, ’cause today’s video is sort of a ukelogy.  If you don’t already know Elizabeth, swing on over to her place and catch up on what she’s been going through the past month or so.  She’s just beautiful…and it hurts my heart to see her heart hurt.  (Say that five times fast.)  Fortunately, she has that dreamboat Eric to stand beside her while she tries to make sense of all of this.

Happy Friday.  In the immortal words of Bill and Ted, be excellent to each other.  Party on, dudes.


    1. Hugs for you, too. Not the ones that last too long and involve excessive rocking and really just make you nauseous in the end…the warm, comforting kind.

  1. You are so excellent, El. Sorry for your loss, Elizabeth. I was there, 20 years ago, and it’s pretty sucky. Especially the “suddenly” part. Especially that. But you’ll be OK.

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