An Observation: UPDATED

I finally figured out why the woods down here smell so much nicer than New Jersey.

UPDATED:  Sorry, Interwebz.  I can’t seem to fix it from my phone.  This is probably another one of those secrets that Demi Moore doesn’t want me to expose to the world.  *sigh*

UPDATED AGAIN:  Here you go, folks – the most anticlimactic resolution in the history of all anticlimactic resolutions.  Sheesh.

All that work for some stinky old strawberries.  I blame my lack of MFBT for all of this broohaha.  And Demi Moore, of course.


  1. You know, whatever picture you have up there isn’t loading for me, so I’m left to ponder a big white space.

    I feel so meta.

  2. PINE TREES is why the woods down here smell so much better.

    (I reserve the right to change this comment later if/when the void is filled.)

    1. PS: Came SO close to saying “Big white box” before I realized how it would sound.

      Just thought you should know what could have been.

  3. Is that first one some sort of weird Rorschach Test. Am I supposed to say what I see when I look at it? Is it wrong that I see a naked Joan Rivers chugging peanut butter from a jar? Do I need years of therapy? Arghhhhhh……

    1. Naked Joan Rivers is never wrong. Never. I’m going to assume the peanut oil in your vision is slowly dribbling off her perky, surgically-enhanced nipples, too.

  4. Really? Here in KY they scent the woods with beer cans and meth labs. If it weren’t for the bear traps they surround them with, I would wander around looking for one to take a picture of for you. *sigh* These rednecks are SO protective of their beer cans.

    1. Word is there’s a few of those labs down here, too. So far, nothing in visual range has exploded. Unless you count my cooking experiment last night. I say that doesn’t count. The end.

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