All Through The Night

Between the time change, the election, a bevy of family birthdays (HAPPY BIRTHDAY THOMMY!), and the full moon, my kids are losing their ever-loving minds. So, in turn, am I. I’m having a hard time even remembering what sleep feels like.

I can still remember that I like it an awful lot, though.

I also like Justin Timberlake but I’m not likely to have any of that in the near future, either so how about we all settle for a little bit of ukulele lullaby. Ukaby. Lullalele. Whatever.

I just took a peek at the calendar and HOLY SHIT THANKSGIVING IS NEXT WEEK. I’m fully unprepared for that. Oh so I’ll probably miss seeing you next week, too. So proactively…

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! (Alternately known as Violate a Bird Day.) May there be MFBT.