All the Chemo Branies


Not working.

For shit, today.

In fact, my head actually hurts from heavy brain. I started about four different potential posts this morning only to repeatedly get lost in verb conjugation.

I also can’t stop singing “All the Single Ladies” in my head.  Are the two directly related?  Can’t tell ya.  I like Beyonce an awful lot when my brain works, too.  After all, my Beyonce stories are way less traumatic than my Mariah stories.

So, to prevent any sort of further damage to my leaking brain AND to throw my hands up for Mrs. Jay Z, I thought I’d just put a little pile of my favorite right here for you to BugginView. There’s been an awful lot of fun related videos bubbling around the net this week.  I think it’s ’cause she was so gracious at the VMAs.  Boy that was a weird night of TV.  Lady Gaga was just fascinating. Russel Brand is kinda creepy sexy, though. Sure wish I’d seen NPH host the Emmy’s.

Wait…where was I?

Ugh, chemo brain.