All of Uke

I killed my blog last week somehow.  Which is pretty amazing since all I really do is neglect it.  So even though I uked, I wasn’t able to post it.

You came, checked, and were heartbroken when it wasn’t there.  I know.

Hush, hush. It’s ok now.

There will be ukeing momentarily.  But first, you have to watch this far more impressive uke cover of Les Miserables. She’s why it took me so damn long to get this thing running again. I’ve forsaken everything else to find this girl and make her my new best friend. Sorry, Paul.

Meanwhile, back at a freshly cleaned home in Jersey…

Now be sure to take advantage of this cooler weather and imbibe some red wine!


  1. Agreed. My need for uke satisfaction knows only one remedy for the longing. I get that here. I do love the balls out full on gusto! Attack life!! ATTACK IT!
    Ahem, I’m a full throttle gal.

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