All I Do Is Dream Of You

I was going to share this amazing conversation I had with my parents over Thanksgiving, but I foolishly showed it to my mother first. She demurely and with absolutely no profanity requested that I not publish said post. So now that she has her Christmas present early, you get nothing but a ukulele cover.

Wait. A cover as in a cover version of a song. Because I tried to make ukulele covers once. Ok twice. The first time went ok-ish. The second time is in a stabby, pin-riddled ball beneath my project table in the basement and probably inhabited by a village of mice and mites by now. So I’m never sewing a ukulele cover again and I’m damn sure not giving one to each of you.

Besides. Everyone knows that if you really love your ukulele you carry it around in your Baby Bjorn and keep it warm and close.


No. I don’t know why I just spent fifteen minutes with an exact knife and a scanner making that silliness. I blame it on the lack of beer.

Enough dicking around already! On to the uke!

I seem to be on a Debbie Reynolds binge. So here’s your ukulele cover of All I Do Is Dream of You.

Be advised: It’s more enjoyable if you’ve already partaken of MFBT.


  1. You make me want to join Facebook. But no, that’s not happening. It’s not your fault. I’m an INFJ. I just can’t do Facebook. However, I will return here and here again and again.

    Happy Friday or Saturday or Sunday, or whenever you see this.

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