All For the Love of Uke

First?  I love you people.  Madly.  I love you like Courtney Cox loves Botox.  I love you like LiLo loves stealing things.  I love you like drag queens love glitter.  Y’all just about made my heart burst yesterday.  In the good way.  Not in the, wow-maybe-I-should-cut-back-on-the-meth kinda way.  It kinda makes me wish I’d painted a ukulele for each and every one of you.

But I didn’t.

And now you have less than twenty-four hours to enter to win this guy.  I’ll stop taking entries at 9am tomorrow.  So, you know, giddy up.

That was second.  So third?  I have to show you my two favorite entries thus far.  Well, technically I’m giving them multiple entries for these beautiful submissions.  Because they made me piddle.  But what doesn’t these days?  So if you’re looking to jump ahead of your competitors and secure more entries, you can either:

a) Create an original piece of art involving miniature ponies and sneakers.  Like Jerrod did.  The Air Jordan’s are a particularly nice choice, eh?  I’m naming this pony Sheldon.  And Sheldon is my new desktop wallpaper.

b) Or you could sing me a song.  Like Hellachella did.  While swinging her sock-clad feet around behind her.  And chewing on some as-yet unidentified substance.

In other news, I move that we rename the Hudson River and heretofore call that body of water “Hoboken Bay.”

As if you needed any more motivation, did I mention the little citrus orange uke has a citrus orange case, too?  Look at him all nested in his box, ready to be shipped off to one of you beautiful people!

Heh.  Box.

Anyway, tune in tomorrow for the big announcement of the winner and possibly the most ridiculous April Fool’s inspired uke performance ever.


  1. Well…Chelle just blew me out of the water.

    I totally need to go into hiding for awhile. Think about my life. Grow my beard out to unattractive levels.

    I brought you Sheldon and his tight b-ball skills. Remember that.

  2. if Chelle doesn’t get this uke, it’s like the terrorists have won. i want to kiss her on the mouth after that (not really) (maybe a little).

  3. I’m not great at photo shop and I can’t sing you a song and have it to you fast enough for tomorrow, but I *can* write you a poem.


    Roses are red,
    violets are blue.
    If I had a penis,
    I’d knock you up too.

    Thank you, come again.

  4. Ponies and singing bloggers are both adorable! A little competition makes bloggers go all out. You won’t catch me singing though. I know my limits.

  5. I forfeit my entries and hereby give them to hellachella. Seriously. On one condition. You two must do a duet together because that would treat my life.

  6. Despite being *slightly* irritated by your aversion to international shipping and therefore my exclusion from the contest (I mean, Hell – I took naked photos for Sister Merry!), I’m suddenly very glad I didn’t bother.

    May have to offer Chella a place in my band, though.

    If only she weren’t so damned cute…

    (and possibly attenton stealing. Not cool.)

    – B x

    1. All of a sudden, fantasy images of you posing nekkid with a uke, or any other musical intrument, flashed in front of my eyes…

      Angels sang.

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