A Ukulele, A Beard, and a Politician Walk Into a Bar

One of these weeks I’m going to remember to record a uke video earlier in the week just in case my hands swell up like The Jolie’s lips.  Or LiLo’s crotch.  Or Rod Stewart’s ego.  Whatever.

I didn’t do it this week.  And I feel like I’m typing with a fistful of sledgehammers.  So I won’t be ukeing for you.  But this video amuses me so I’ll share it with you lovelies and we’ll call it even, k?

Is it just me or do you totally want to split a pitcher of cheap beer and a plate of onion rings with that adorable dude on the left?  No?  Not even the onion rings?  Man I want onion rings.  Salty, greasy, glorious onion rings.

Nope, no idea why I keep swelling up.

Which?  Is exactly what Santorum said on his last trip to the clinic.

Ok and this is totally cheating because that ain’t a ukulele, but I can’t not post this.  I’m nothing if not a sucker for a scruffy bearded dude rockin’ out to some Prince.

Happy MFBT!


  1. I was distracted by what felt like the lack of commitment from the A&F shirt and sunglass wearing man on the right. He was subliminally trying to undermine the uke session.
    Thank god he didn’t succeed.
    Anyway, I’ve not had a proper plate of breaded and fried onion rings in ages so you can consider yourself fully responsible for the toxic waves of flatulence that will be rolling through my house this evening. In your honor, I will wash them down with ice cold beer.

  2. The Varsity in Atlanta – the.best.greasy.onion.rings.ever.

    We’ll talk later ’bout their hot dogs.

    whatllyahave, whatllyahave, whatllyahave…….

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