A Surprise Uke!

So I know I said the internet was closed until Monday, but I’m cheating.  See my cousin Patty Mouse is rather ill so I decided to learn this song super fast just for her.  Her mother, my crazy aunt Mary, used to sing this song at family functions.  Yes, she was a dirty old broad.  Then again, so is her uppity daughter.  That’s probably why I adore her so.

So think a happy thought for Miss Mouse, ok?

Hope you had a bitchin’ holiday, Interwebz.  Smooches.

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  1. Wonder if my mail woman would sing that for me???? Just (bi)curious. *giggle*

    Hope your cousin loves it as much as I did! Also hope it brings a giant smile to her face!

    Happy Day of Shopping Hell to you darling Elly!!!

  2. Now why didnt that get broadcast at the funeral this morning?! Beautiful and alarming, Elly. Perfection. We missed you today. Hearing the whole church singing Leaving On a Jet Plane was all I needed to turn into a puddle of mush. It was totally lovely and totally Patty Mouse. xo

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