A Life That’s Good

It’s been a hard couple of weeks, hasn’t it? We’ve seen a lot of hatred and a lot of beauty. That’s not what this post is about, though. At least not directly. There’s no shortage of beautiful, inspiring, and thought provoking things that have already been said on the matter. Today I need to take a breath and wonder at the positives around me.

Are you ok? I hope you’re ok.

Me? I’m just so grateful. My kids are sick with a simple cold. I watch their flushed faces grimaced with mild discomfort as they rest in warm beds with easy access to doctors and medicine.  Next week I’ll make an uneventful trip to a grocery store overflowing with bounty. There I’ll have the money to buy all the ingredients I need for a feast to be shared with treasured friends and family. I have a life that’s good.

Untitled design

While I’m the least religious person you’ll likely ever know, I can’t stop thinking, “There but for the grace of God, go I.” Today’s ukulele song is an attempt to convey that feeling of gratitude. Overwhelming, heart-crushing, throat-tightening gratitude.

This life, my life, is so good.

Happy Thanksgiving, my lovelies. Happy MFBT. Happy happy.