A Day Late (But It Still Counts)

To say that I have a girl crush on Annie Leonard would be a ginormous understatement.  She’s beautiful, intelligent, and a shameless tree-hugging hippie.  Seriously, I LURV her.  If you’ve never seen her Story of Stuff, go watch it now.  Sure you won’t be able to sleep for at least a week, but watch it anyway.

Yesterday was World Water Day.  I know, shame on me for not remembering it yesterday.  I’ve donated my twitter status (once a day for the entire week) to World Water Week in penance.  Now, rather than climb onto my phalate-and-paraben-free, environmentally sustainable, fair-trade-certified soap box and tell you why bottled water is almost as evil as Rod Stewart, I’m going to let my girl crush Annie do it for me:

If you’re all widgey about BPA’s and don’t know where to find a safe water bottle, I’ve got your back.  (And no, I’m not getting anything from these companies.  Pinky swears.)

You can go the stainless steel route.  I use Kleen Kanteen’s Wine Karafe.  I can personally guarantee that while it holds an entire bottle of wine, it also works with plain old water.  I just like the wider mouth (that’s what she said) for cleaning.  The stainless steel is non-reactive, so the bottle isn’t coated with a creepy lining like most aluminum bottles.

There’s also the glass route.  I just found these adorable polka dotted numbers from lifefactory.  They also have the wide mouth (chicka bow now) and are even machine washable.  I hear they’re a little heavier than the steel bottles, but you just don’t get any safer than glass – unless you consider the sharp shards that will hack through my tendons when I doubtlessly drop and break the damn thing.  Hmmm.

I just ordered one so we’ll see how well that silicon sleeve works at breaking falls.  Maybe I need my own personal silicon sleeve to minimize personal injury.  Maybe I’ve gone completely off topic.  Maybe I should just stop while I’m ahead.

Oh and um yeah…even though Annie says we don’t need so much “stuff” in our lives, that doesn’t mean YOU don’t need your very own hand made mushroom crafted by your favorite Elly.  Enter to win!


  1. Look at those dimples! 🙂 But Rachel Maddow is still my crush central. Just sayin’. Thank you so much for telling me about those polka dots bottles. I love anything polka dots. I wonder whether that’s why I first came to your blog: follow the lady bugs!!!
    .-= subWOW´s last blog ..Throw Up =-.

  2. I have to agree about Maddow as my girl crush, but I may have to purchase one of those pretty eco-friendly glass H20 bottles. I’ve got the stainless down, BPA’s freak me out.

    Can I use water conservation as a reason to skip the shower? Because I’d totally rather bathe in the ocean.

  3. Well, my girl crush newscaster is totally focused on a local news channel right now. Her name is Mira Unsari and he Who Loves All Things Wicked and I are totally competing to see which one of us can accidentally bump into her at a local Starbucks first. Wowza, smart, cute and will probably not be in Louisville long.

    I already ordered the Kleen Kanteen at Elly’s expert mention of “my water bottle holds a whole bottle of wine” on twitter. Not exactly noble intentions, but hey, what can I say?
    .-= Wicked Shawn´s last blog ..Wicked Girl Who Doesn’t Care Much For Happy Endings, Except My Own, Of Course =-.

  4. Never clapped eyes on this sweetie before, but she sure reinforces a reason to keep bi (oops, did I just type that?) Moving on.. I dunno’ about Cleveland, but I do know for certain French water controls far surpasses those currently here in the UK – sorry hon, much as I want to save the planet, if it ain’t Perrier or Evian, you can count me out of it!
    .-= Shrinky´s last blog ..This n’ That =-.

  5. can i interest you in an awesome & brand new watersaver handheld showerhead? i love it, but in my tiny tub it shoots all the way to the back of the tub leaving no room for shaving 🙁 free to a good water-saving home!

  6. Hip Hop Hippie is right. Connie Britton is aaaallll woman, and I would totally make out with her, except I’d be too intimidated by her sass and her hair.

    I have no need for a new water bottle, but I sure do need more polka dots in my life. Thanks for the link.
    .-= Falling´s last blog ..Instructions for a Moment of Perfection =-.

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