A Biker Walks Into a Bar…

I just splurged on a foxy new blood-red netbook (an Acer Aspire One) that makes me ridiculously happy.  It weighs a mere three pounds and I’ve started taking it with me every-frickin’-where.  Blogging in public spaces may be my new vice.  Oh who am I kidding?!  Liquor is still my vice of choice.  I find myself planning out travel routes around places where I can score free wifi.  If I can get wifi AND liquor, I’m in pig heaven.

While I’ve yet to remove all the excessive software or even open the manual, I’ve taken care of the absolute essentials.  I’m very diligently researching sticker choices to plaster on the exterior.  Who knew there were so many different styles of glittery black circles to chose from?  Also I’ve already downloaded my Twilight wallpaper so I can see my vampire boyfriend’s brooding and pained face every time I boot up.

One of the toys on my silly splurge is a built in webcam.  Yes I totally agree this is an accident waiting to happen.  I haven’t let Thom get a hold of it for that very reason.  I’m pretty sure that would be like crossing the streams.

For kicks I decided to record my new favorite joke on my new favorite webcam on my new favorite computer.  My dear friend Darrell (and possibly the funniest person I know) shared this little story with me over dinner recently.  If the bald spot is too distracting for you, I’ll see if I can get him to record a version to replace this one.