1. Hey, those are the same people who follow me around all day, popping out whenever I start to sing! How did they get over here?

    I think I need a vacation.

  2. My nine year old L. LOVES music more than anything…we even let her watch Glee but we fast forward through the more inappropriate stuff. SHE watched this and we are subscribed to your youtube channel. HER FAVORITE is your version of DREAM A LITTLE DREAM. I love that one too. Being nine and all you know she knows EVERYTHING. She says YOU are the expert. Gotta love her. She is a huge fan. She told me to tell you that you are beautiful. LMAO – she also asked me if you are the reason I got my haircut this way. (Got the haircut in July several months before I even started blogging or found this wonderful beautiful place but I love it that she is that huge of a fan she thinks I would get the exact same haircut and idolize you that much! :))

    You have a nine year old that thinks you are more awesome than all the stars on Glee.

    1. Aw shucks! Glee? That’s my favorite! Herbert and I are dancing a little jig here in Hoboken.

      Obviously L has exquisite taste. As do you with that haircut, sweet pea.

  3. I heart Julia Nunes. She has that infectious smile even when she is singing.

    She reminds me of you. You remind me of her.

    So now that is done. Where is the MAIN ACT I came here for?!

    ELLY ELLY ELLY ELLY. (There is a riot brewing in the audience…)

  4. that video is JUST what I needed to brighten my day after spending 4 hours being poked and prodded at the clinic this morning. I am totally all giggly now. thank you.

  5. Ah buttercup, I’m filled up.
    Even Stew Cope has to take a week off sometimes but I expect you’ll brew a voodoo concoction that will cure Herbert’s sore throat and rest your pipes for next week.
    Also, I agree with Mrsblogalot that gal is a smiler. Smiling is my favorite!

  6. I love the Laugh-In tribute guy in the helmet and Lennon glasses.

    Argh. I want to write more, but Tankbaby is frantically signing “more.” Boy loves his uke, and I blame Elly.

  7. Ellykins, I challenge you and Herbert to learn a song for BlogHer and the rest of us (if we can get there) will back you up! We can all wear confidence wigs and do a separate drunken version too!

    I double dog dare you!

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